vascuVis applies engineering principles and systems analysis to biomedical challenges spanning the discovery/development process. As a service provider, we engage with clients and partners in the development of technology, strategy, and cross-stakeholder solutions to meet these needs. As a research organization, we act as prime or sub on grants, cooperative agreements, and research contracts.

Customized Systems and Solutions

vascuVis can customize your solution to fit your requirements from the vascuCAP tool box:

  • System Definition
  • Systems Engineering
  • System test and validation

Analytical Services

vascuVis provides direct analysis capability at its in-house data center for specific image studies or to characterize performance of biomarkers clients are working to develop or to utilize.


Organizations seeking to outsource technology, management, or analytical capabilities may utilize the capabilities at vascuVis. We provide subject matter expertise and organizational capabilities.

Product Development Process and Process Improvement

vascuVis supports improved business performance. We help organizations improve product quality, more accurately determine development schedule/cost, and increase productivity. Processes include FDA QSR, DFSS, and CMMI.

Read more about the vascuVis development process.